by The Shifted

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released March 30, 2015




The Shifted Nice, France

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Track Name: Women Are Mean ( And That's Why I Love Them )
I've tried so many times
But never succeeded
I try to look fine
But my heart needs to be filled
Give them poetry
You'll be too nice
Give them your body
You will fail twice

Women are mean
And that's why I love them

They get you
They catch you
But nothing follows
Because there are rules, there are laws
That they follow
I don't know what they want
I only know that they won't
Track Name: Message
Shut up and give me some wine
I have something to tell you
Don't worry about me, I'll be fine
But you should worry about you
Who do you think you are ?
It's not because you're above
That superior you are

You can take back your gods
No one's gonna give me rules
I'm just gonna live my life
Until death will come

I'm not scared of what's waiting for me
I have never prayed for you
I am the light that scares you
In the deep darkness of your blindness
This is my last message
I prefer believe in me
Than believe in someone else
Track Name: New York's Calling
One day, the good said, it was a long way to the top
I knew things weren't so easy
But celebrity's a mountain I'm gonna drop
Because I know that the people will listen to me

New York's calling

I'll rise until New York you'll see
Fate is on my side and I know what I'm gonna be
She's the key of success
The city that never sleeps
I'll have no regrets
Even if we become creeps
Track Name: Apatheia
Stab a knife into your heart
Shoot a bullet inside
Think it's a new start
A trip to another side
Love is your poison
But also a way to heal
You don't know what is passion
You just think you are ill

I know I am hurt
There is blood on my shirt
But I'm not feeling pain
Will I feel something again ?

I'm just smoking a cigarette
I am burning my body sweat
I guess I'll die young
But do I care ?
I am singing my song
And Lord I swear
Even if I don't believe in you
I will be in hell too